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When offering online education, regardless if it is an online course or coaching session, knowing how to market it properly can help you in getting success as an edupreneur, and start earning money from all your course offerings.

These strategies works regardless what online course topic you are marketing, so if you are a selling a course, membership, hosting webinar events or offering consulting or coaching service online, this is for you.

Online Marketing

1. Social Media

One of the best ways to market your online course is through social media. This helps build up your brand, make it more recognizable and gives you the ability to reach out to millions, if not billions, of people. Utilize these services to the fullest by creating videos, groups and engaging posts.

Establish video channels on places like YouTube, Odyssey and Bitchute. Make private groups on Twitter, Facebook, Gab and LinkedIn. Ensure you update your feeds with interesting content on Instagram and Pinterest.

2. Email Campaigns

When you first started devising a strategy for your online course, you should have collected a few emails from people interested in the subject matter. Use this email list to create campaigns to notify when classes are about to begin and for other pertinent announcements.

When just starting out, you may not have the ability to do an email campaign yet. So, this means you need to build up an email list and this may take some time. However, you can offer discounts and perks for people who provide their email address.

3. Tell Friends And Family

If you are starting your online course off cold, without any audience or student base whatsoever, tell all your friends and family about it. You could even put out a discount for potential students in your email campaigns for getting their friends and family to signup. Remember, word of mouth is the best way to get new business in any industry. Driving traffic to your classes is no different.

4. Public Calendars

Many public calendars are available online and in your local area that you should use to your advantage. Places like Eventful, Loxi and Eventbrite are just a few online. Sometimes, nearby schools, colleges and other learning institutions will allow local professionals to post their events.

However, you could go to local newspapers and broadcast stations as well. They usually have a community section that features a calendar to which anyone can post. What’s more, you can usually find a central site that promotes “things to do in ____” (name of your town/city), where you can post your courses.

5. Physical Flyers

Creating a small handheld flyer is ideal for a variety of uses. You can put these up at your nearest coffee shop, grocery store, laundromat, bars, pubs or music store. Tack it up anywhere you see a corkboard featuring local businesses, services and professionals.

Also, it’s good for handing out to people you meet in social circles, parties or even on the street. It provides a flashy and quick way to illustrate your courses, should they take an interest.

6. Attend Events And Conventions

Hunt down conventions and events in the industry or field related to your online course. This will not only allow you an opportunity to find likeminded pros but you might also nab a few new students. Plus, you may learn some new information or data that you can incorporate into your coursework.

If inclined, you could create a meet up group, organize an event or setup a convention for networking purposes.

7. Partner With A Company

If there’s an organization or company that will benefit from marketing your online courses, approach them. Many places are willing to work with professionals and experts to develop a symbiotic relationship. Not only will they help you get your brand out but they will also get their brand well known.

8. Get a Blog or Website

One of the most important marketing tools you can have is to get a blog or website. Whether you choose to offer your courses from this platform or not, it’s a great way to promote classes, announce discounts and create an online following.

Plus, it makes your brand searchable on engines like Bing, Google and Brave. This means you should use SEO to your advantage as well. Known as Search Engine Optimization, it allows you to add certain keywords and phrases that, when people use a search, put your site at the top of results.

Create a compelling post descripting what exactly your course is about, make it enticing and interesting. When your audience say what you’ve written some who are interested may drop by and check out your course.

9. Podcasts and/or Webinars

Another great way to market and promote your online course is to create ancillary services like podcasts and webinars. Producing these on a regular basis gives potential students a well-rounded idea of what you’re about, your expertise and what you teach.

You can also appear with other professionals on their webinars and podcasts. This is ideal if you aren’t computer savvy enough to create one on your own.

10. Create a Free Sample

Everyone loves a good free sample. So, create a free class as a means of introduction to your course. You can create a video, text outline or other reading material. Make sure it will hook them in and want to sign up for the whole course, otherwise you’ll just be giving stuff away for free.

You want to make the material compelling enough to provide real information but leave out just enough to create a desire for more. For instance, if you’re teaching a course on personal finance, create an article or video displaying the importance of investing in precious metals like gold or silver.

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